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Hymen Repair İs İstanbul

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The hymen  ( Hymen repair, Hymenoplasty) is a thin membrane enclosing the vagina, allowing menstrual flow to pass through.
Through use of physical activity and sexual intercourse the hymen can be broken.

A hymenoplasty, hymen repair surgery is a surgical procedure that replicates the natural hymen membrane. During the surgery the epithelial layer that has grown over the remaining hymen tissue is removed.
If none remains, the surgeon can free a small strip of the vaginal mucosa to reattach in a circular fashion.
The reattachment of the hymen results in constriction and bleeding once intercourse occurs for the first time after the surgery.

Hymenoplasty surgery in İstanbul , hymen repair surgery Turkey is relatively quick and done under a local anesthetic or general anesthesia. It usually requires four weeks of recovery time.

Some women are having this surgery as a way to celebrate an anniversary with their spouse, while others might have cultural or religious reasons to do so.

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Best Hymen Repair Clinic İn İstanbul