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Hymenorrhaphy in istanbul

Hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction in İstanbul

 Hymenorrhaphy How It’s Done?

During the procedure, your surgeon will numb the area with a local anesthetic. The edges of the previously torn hymen will be brought together to re-form the small ring as it was originally.

The surgery is not recommended for women who have had vaginal deliveries or who have been pregnant.After the surgery, the “revirginized” hymen will bleed and tear during sexual intercourse as it would prior to any sexual relations.

Hymenoplasty takes about one hour to perform.The recovery period typically takes about two months. Patients should not exercise or do any strenuous activities (including sexual intercourse) for the first couple of weeks after the surgery. Patients can usually go back to work after one week.

Hymenorrhaphy Clinic İn İstanbul