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Hymenoplasty in istanbul

Hymenoplasty in İstanbul, Hymenoplasty clinic in İstanbul

Hymen is a membrane located approximately 1-2 cm inside the vagina.
Blood circulation of the hymen is very limited and thus its repair is difficult.
Repairing new punctures is rather easier but in flap method, factors such as sexual intercourse amount, the time of the puncture curettage, abortion or childbirth are not important.

Hymenoplasy İstanbul Clinic;Flap is the name of the tissue which is removed from the vaginal wall and hymen is reformed by using this tissue. During sexual intercourse, tissues are torn when penis passes from this area and bleeding occurs.
Hymen repair cannot be understood by her partner after this operation, it can only be understood by a gynecologist or coronary during examination. It cannot be understood later on during childbirth or examinations. In these operations, if vaginal loosening is also present, it can be corrected in the same session.
This repair is important for the compliance of tissues during recovery and returning the vagina back to its old form which is widened due to frequent sexual intercourse or child labor etc.
Another important factor in hymen repair is to use the drugs regularly, do wound care and come to visits regularly. These factors are as important as the surgical procedure quality. Whatever the surgical result is, an infection after the operation may affect the success negatively.
Hymenoplasty or Hymen repair with flap method approximately takes 30 minutes. Procedure is usually applied under local anesthesia but in some cases general anesthesia may be applied if patient requests. Patient can go home after the operation and get back to daily life on the next day.
We advise our patients to avoid activities that may require stretching the legs such as sports, heavy lifting or cycling for a week.
In the control visit after a week, we inform our patient about the ongoing period and checkups.